Monday, October 18, 2010

Pic for The Casey News

The Casey News will be featuring an article on The Ella Grayson Company this week.
From left:  Batgirl (Stacy King), Trailer Park Mother-In-Law (Audrey Terry), Pirate (Baylen Hill), Shaggy (Benjamin McDonald), Scooby-Doo (Mack King), Sumo (Micah Smith), Honey (Nicole Coffman), Hippie (Shelbie Salyers)
Pirate - Baylen Hill (my son)
Sumo - Micah Smith

Hippie - Shelbie Salyers

Trailer Park Mother-In-Law - Audrey Terry (my mother)

Shaggy - Benjamin McDonald (my son)

Honey - Nicole Coffman

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Character Costumes

Have a surprise appearance from 'Cinderella'  on your little girl's next birthday party!
'Cinderella' - as a daily rental $25.00
'Cinderella' - as a party appearance $50.00


'Bottoms-Up' are diaper cake towers.  The price ranges from $40-$70 each.  'Bottoms-Up' can be customized to coordinate with the baby shower theme of your choice.

'Flower Power' - $70.00


'Froggy' - $50.00

'Froggy' - $50.00



'Lil Dog' - $50.00

'Milton the Monkey' - $40.00

'Pretty In Pink' - $70.00


'Cupcake Castle' - $70.00


'Jungle Monkey' - $60.00



 The Ella Grayson Company also has 'Burps-A-Lot' (personalized burp cloths).  They are $5.00 each, 3 for $12.50 or 6 for $25.00.


My first BLOG ever!!!

In trying to promote my costume business, I have tried several avenues of web design.  Well, let's just say, that is not for me!  And, not a good way to throw away my money!!!  So, my sister suggested I create a blog instead of a webpage. GO JESSIE, great idea!!!  Off to new adventures...